Obama Care Ain’t Brain Surgery!

Dr. Benjamin Carson, a renowned neurosurgeon, spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast this past Tuesday and basically said Obama Care was to complicated and we should have done something different. He offered the outline of an alternative plan that was based in Biblical principle. He attacked Obama’s “make the rich … Continue reading


This morning on Meet The Press, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta admitted that information gathered from waterboarding led the United States to Bin Ladin! Panetta alluded to the same a couple of years ago when he made similar comments, but todays admission is crystal clear. Here’s the quote. The real story … Continue reading


The Republican debate leading up to this weekend’s Iowa straw poll was the first real opportunity for all the candidates to earn their first semester grades. The LaughatLiberals.com report card is below. Please blog-in with your feedback. My overall view of the debate was positive. It was my first real … Continue reading