Are you ready for Obama-Care? Is it really going to happen? The more I learn, the more scared I get about what I’m learning. Now, I must confess, I’m one of those uninsured that this is supposed to help. I haven’t been to the doctor in two years(thank God) and the last time I went to the doctor, I paid for it out of my own pocket.

Now I just read where under Pelosi’s Obama-Care I would have to buy insurance and if I didn’t I could go to prison. Go here to read the exact language.

Okay, so all you liberals out there are saying, “What’s the big deal? The government forces you to buy car insurance and pay for a drivers licenses.” Not quite the same thing, but lets take that argument and run with it. I can buy car insurance from practically any company. I can change it with relative ease and customize it to my budget and needs. Some people can’t afford car insurance so if your argument follows this path of logic, shouldn’t the government tax those who do pay car insurance so those who can’t afford it be allowed to buy it?

None of this makes any sense. Pull the plug before it’s to late and lets start over with an approach that fixes whats broken, like tort reform. When a doctor has to pay $100 to $200,000 a year for malpractice insurance that raises your cost and mine. Why not get serious about reforming medical malpractice lawsuits and start awarding settlements that make sense.

Obama-Care WILL NOT WORK! Stop it Now!

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  1. The Other Side says:

    at least you seem reasonable kaiser. but its frustrating to see people attacking obama over nothing when i was called “un-american” and “treasonous” during the bush administration. too many people legitimately believe the “what is this country coming to” thing and are becoming dangerously ideological.

  2. Kaiser says:

    True enough. I will not deny that there are selfish and jerk-off politicians in the Legislature who are Republicans as well as Democrats. With any luck, we can vote them out as well, and replace them.

    I will neither deny that there are those who seek to capitalize on the real opposition to Obama’s policies and who think simply attacking him everywhere makes them and us on the same side.

    Besides, my problem is not so much with Obama anyway. I think he’s made some promises he can’t keep, doesn’t stand up to Democrats in Congress, and is more stylre than substance, but he’s not a bad guy.

    I never thought he wasn’t a citizen, I don’t think he’s a socialist/communist/whatever they’re coming up with now, and I frowned on those who used his middle name over and over again (if they aren’t suggesting he’s like Saddam Hussein, then why do they keep using his middle name?).

    Yes, America is in crisis, and they were not being sufficiently addressed before now. They darn well should have been.

    So in essence, I guess what you say is mostly true. But we must make a distinction between the power-hungry politician types (on both sides) and those of us who are truly concerned about healthcare reform (on both sides).

    Oh, BTW, regarding the “What this country is coming to” thing: I don’t really feel that way. I was just being melodramatic, y’know. Sorry. :)

  3. The Other Side says:

    why i say republicans are blocking health care reform is because republicans are making a habit of saying no and opposing obama. and they have a history of blocking health care reform. they aren’t doing it for the betterment of america, but rather so they can re-gain power in 2010 and 2012. why else would they say that health care reform is obama’s “waterloo” or oppose everything without any meaningful debate?

    everything obama does is criticized. everything. and it is met with despicable comparisons and has an undercurrent of racism (yes i’m bringing up race). bush was not met with this much opposition during his first year, even after not winning the popular vote.

    america is in crisis in many ways (economic meltdown, two never-ending wars, uncontrolled health care). they weren’t being addressed until they became disasters. contrary to some, the government has a place in people’s lives. i don’t think it needs to be a part of everything, but when things become unmanagable by the private sector, the government needs to step in. this isn’t a government take over, its government being forced to fix what the private sector has failed to control.

  4. Kaiser says:

    Tort reform will do more than you think.

    I don’t know anyone, personally or at all of, who brought firearms to their town halls. Maybe you went to one hanging out near a gun show, I don’t know.

    We are not blocking reform, we are blocking what we see as a move by the government to increase its power, power that it shouldn’t have. Vile hate? If this is about the birthers and such, maybe we should be talking about conspiracy theories instead.

    We are not trying to GIVE people healthcare coverage. That is not and has never been the government’s responsibility. We are trying to cut federal costs. Is that such a bad thing?

    Obama may have “wanted” bipartisanship, and he certainly made that a part of his campaign (and transparency as well). However, I can fairly say he has done very little to earn it. The Democrats in Congress have not even bothered trying to negotiate. This may not have occurred to you, but maybe one of the reasons some Republicans have been comparing them to all those dictatorships is the fact that they are shutting the other party out of the democratic process.

    What would happen if a public option was passed? Probably nothing. Probably more people would be covered, a huge segment would be forced to change their plans, and the taxpayers would feel the burden. The history books will say this was a good decision, just like public schools and other things.

    It’s not obviously worse than terrorism. Nobody dies because of it, and if they do, it’s going to be impossible to prove. You can’t prove future death causes any more than you can prove jobs saved.

    I think our differences aren’t caused so much by misinformation by either side, because you seem like a smart guy. I think we have some fundamental differences in political beliefs that we’re probably never gonna work out.

  5. The Other Side says:

    tort reform isn’t a main problem in health care. its only a miscule part of the money spent on health care. many of the suggestions given by republicans will not give access to health care to the 44 million people without coverage. the republican ideas won’t cut the skyrocketing costs from insurance companies or help people with pre-existing conditions.

    and republicans are blocking reform. they spread lies about death panels, cuts to medicare and socialized medicine. they compare obama to hitler, stalin and bring guns to rallies. the tea partiers were only at town halls to disrupt the conversation. senators were saying that this could be obama’s waterloo and are threatening a fillibuster. they call the health care bill worse that terrorism.

    republicans are significantly in the minority, democrats don’t have to listen to them. obama wanted bipartisianship and got vile hatred in return. how come republicans didn’t reform health care when they controlled congress and the white house? its because they didn’t care about it. after killing the clinton plan and inaction, they want to be a part of reform? give me a break.

    kaiser, what are conservatives so afraid of? what would happen to america if a robust public option is passed? with all the scare tactics of being afraid of what america is coming to, its never addressed how health care reform will ruin america.

  6. Kaiser says:

    we make *suggestions* all the time

  7. Kaiser says:

    See, what the most annoying part is, is that tone of the senior Democrat Congressmen and their big talking points is: “Yeah, well, the Republicans are all negative and we don’t hear any suggestions coming from them. So we won’t be bipartisan at all.”

    We make suggest all the time! You’re just not listening! Tort reform, tax reform, and restructuring of poorly-run programs would drastically ease the very thing they claim to want (an insured populace), but it’s not even addressed in this bill.

    Sometimes I wonder what this country’s coming to.

  8. Young Conservative says:

    The really scary thing is that nobody realizes what is truly going to happen. They all think just because socialized medicine is happening in other countries is that it works and that it will work here. The only place where they get their information from is the liberal news, not from people who experience it first had. A lady in my parent’s church has recently moved here from Ireland, and all she has to tell of their health care is horror stories. I am truly scared for the future of this country, even if this bill is not passed.

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